Remove a Study Share

Removing access to a shared study in Cimar takes just a few clicks.

Opening "Remove Study Shares" Window:

First you find the relevant study in the study worklist and tick the box on the far left.

Now click "Actions" to open the dropdown and then click "Remove Share"

Removing Share Access:

When you have the "Remove Study Share" window open you will get an overview of which people and worklists the study has been shared with.

For every item in the list which you want to remove access from you simply tick the box on the left, and when you've selected the ones you want, click "Remove".

Once you have clicked "Remove" you will get this little notification and you are all done:

Interactive Guide:

Below is an interactive step by step guide explaining how to remove where a study has been shared. 

For a fullscreen version of this guide please click here. Happy 

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