Set Default Worklist

Setting the default worklist can be useful if your general worklist isn't the same as the organisation's default.

The default settings can be changed following this guide.

Accessing Settings:

After logging in to Cimar, the personal settings can be accessed by clicking your name in the top right corner next to "Sign Out"

In here, choose the "Defaults" tab.

Setting Default Worklist:

Once in the defaults settings choose the Organization you are part of, set the default view (Typically the "Studies" list) and finally choose which list to display within the studies.

Once this is done, click the blue "Save Settings" button and it's all done.

To test the new settings are working, simply log out and log back in. The first thing you should see is the selected default worklist.

Interactive Guide

Below is a step by step interactive guide on how to configure your personal default worklist in Cimar. 

For a fullscreen version of this guide please click here

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