Installing a Gateway

Please see here to install on MacOS

Host Requirements     

  • 64 bit machine
  • Windows 10 or Server 2019 (or later) 
  • Static IP address
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later
  • Disc size dependent on volumes passing through – 250GB a good starting point. 
  • Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer is no longer supported)

Installation Requirements

*Please contact Cimar Support for more information if you're hosted at RapidSwitch

 Installation Process (15 minutes)

  1. Sign in at your organisations URL:     <company vanity>
  2. Click the ‘Download Gateway Software’ button
  3. Run downloaded ‘setup.exe’ file
  4. Once setup complete run ‘create_gateway.exe’ application
  5. Click ‘Create Gateway’ button
  6. Login and enter in Gateway details
  7. Press save and copy the serial into the create gateway application
  8. Press start on create_gateway application
  9. Wait for gateway to install 
  10. Test study upload

Detailed Install Instructions

1. Sign into your Cimar account

2. Navigate to the Gateway tab

  • Administration -> Gateway

3. Download gateway software

4. Run downloaded ‘setup.exe’ file

5. Select download destination  (recommended to leave as the default)

6. Press next throughout the rest of the application process and finish installing the gateway.

7. Select ‘No, I will restart the computer later’

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8. Run the newly create ‘CreateGateway’ application

  • This should be found on your desktop or,
  • Can be found in ‘Program Files -> Cimar’ folder

9. Login to Cimar with your details

10. Select the ‘Gateway Owner’

  • This will be the namespace (worklist) that the gateway ties to and where studies sent to the gateway are uploaded to. 

11. Give the gateway a logical name

  • We recommend adding the gateway host machine’s IP address to the name for easier destination configuration. Eg. ‘Demo PC Gateway (’

12. Type of gateway is ‘gateway’

13. Set the category

14. Fill in the contact details of the gateway and click save

15. Copy the gateway serial number from the popup

16. In the create gateway application paste the gateway serial number into the provided field

17. Click ‘Validate and Save’

  • Ensure a popup saying the serial number is valid before proceeding to the next step
  • If the popup does not say the serial number is valid please contact

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18. On the create gateway application click the ‘Start’ button

19. Wait for the application to automatically build itself

  • This process can take from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the speed of the host machine

20. Once built the gateway will automatically begin running

21. Test the gateway (see ‘Test’ section)

22. If all tests pass then the gateway has been successfully installed 

Gateway Tests

Check the services are all running

1. Open the ‘Task Manager’

2. Go to the services tab

3. Sort the services by ‘Name’

4. Ensure the following services are all running

5. If unable to access task manager you may still be able to access the services page via the control panel. Again ensure that the services above are all running.

Check the gateway log file

  1. In file explorer go to ‘program files -> Cimar -> Gateway -> logs’
  2. Open the text document named ‘log’
  3. In the log file you are looking for the following lines of text
    1. These may not be grouped exactly together
    2. If the gateway was recently built they are likely to be at the bottom of the document

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 Ensure the gateway is pinging in the UI

  1. Login to your Cimar account
  2. Go to Administration -> Gateway
  3. In the ‘Last ping’ column ensure the recently created gateway has a green and short ping time

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Test a study upload

  1. In file explorer go to ‘Program Files -> Dicomgrid -> Dropbox’
  2. The dropbox folder provides a way to manually upload a study through the gateway into the cloud. 
  3. Copy a test study into the folder
    • Make sure the study is copied into the folder as the gateway will automatically delete the file once it has finished uploading the study
  4. Ensure that the study appears in the namespace tied to the gateway
    • The time this takes depends on the size of the test study and the networks upload speed
  5. If it appears that the upload has failed consult the log file (see gateway log test) for guidance to what went wrong
  6. If still unsure please contact your Cimar representative or raise a support ticket here.

Interactive Guide

Below is an interactive step by step guide to installing a Cimar gateway. It will take you through the simple process of installing a gateway on your Windows host machine. 

For a fullscreen version of this guide please click here.

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