Sharing a Study

When a study is shared it is shared to a particular worklist and users of this worklist will adhere to their role’s permissions within that worklist. When sharing to an external recipient who does not have an account with Cimar they will be required to register before gaining access to the imaging.

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Sharing a study provides secondary access to the study that is being shared. It is not creating a copy - think of it like creating a desktop shortcut. 

  1. Select the study you wish to share
  2. Click the ‘Actions’ dropdown
  3. Select ‘Share’
  4. Select how you want to share the study - note that the available options may differer depending on how your assigned role has been configured. 
  5. Press ‘share’

Share Study Explained

Share to other location worklists within the account

- Groups

Share to other group worklists within the account

- Physicians

Share with other users within the account

This will share to the user’s personal worklist

- Share Code

Share to a worklist’s unique share code. Provides a way to share to any worklist across the Cimar ecosystem.

- Email

Share directly to an email address. If the email address is not associated with an active Cimar account, the recipient will be prompted to create an account before having access to the study. Shares to an email address are classified as external shares and any future interaction with the shared copy will not be captured in the original studies audit trail. 

This will share into the recipient’s personal worklist. 

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