How to download a study

If you want to access the raw DICOM files of a study whether to open the study in a local viewer, upload the study to a local PACS, or more you can download the study from Cimar. Do this by clicking the Download button in the actions section of the work list.

The study will download in a zipped folder, which, you will need to unzip to access the data within. For MacOS user’s simply double click the zipped file and for windows users right click the folder and select Extract All.

In the unzipped folder you will find several more folders. Each series of the study will be separated into their own folder labelled SER0000X where X corresponds to the order the series was acquired. There will also be a folder called Reports which, will contain any reports that were associated with the download study.


  1. Locate the study you want to download in your work list
  2. Click the download button
  3. Unzip the downloaded file

Alternative Download Options

By clicking the download dropdown arrow you will be presented with other download options.

  • Download Viewer: downloads the study with an inbuilt viewer you can use locally to view a study
  • Download ISO: downloads the study in a format ready to be burned onto a CD

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